The fir


Rook stands 2.8m tall weighing in at 315kg. He is not as bulky as most trolls, but still a large man. He as two horns that spiral down like a ram, wears glasses, and sports a chin-strapped beard. He is often wearing a large dark grey coat with a red cross on the left shoulder, tan khakis, and a large pair of boots.


Rook was born on April 30th, 2001. He gradyated high school at the age of 16, was married at 18 to his highschool sweetheart, and they had a daughter the following year. During all of this he still managed to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and was set to start Med School in the fall of 2021. But upon waking up on the morning of his 20th Birthday, while his wife and daughter were out on errands, he realized he was not himself. He was now a hulking monster. he ran away, leaving a note for his family saying ‘I am sorry my love that I must do this to you. Please understand that I am doing this for you. I will look after you both’ on the kitchen table.

Rook lived a live of poverty for several months foraging for food, hunting with a bow, honing his skill with it, until a company, known as O.M.A, picked him up, offering to change him back to his human self. They lied, Rook was immediately forced into many genetic procedures for several years, during which he completely fell off the map. They built him into a bigger, meaner monster. He murdered plenty for them, while his mind and body were not his to control. Eventually, he escaped, in an ordeal he chooses not to recount.

Since then, he has lived a life of peace. He helps the sick and wounded, harms only to protect him or others he cares for, and takes jobs whenever he can. He has seen his family a few times, and can recount one time when he saved them roughly 10 years after his change from a group of thugs. He beat the men down and afterwards his wife looked at him, not disgusted, but curious. She said his name, and with a tear in his eye he walked up to the both of them, hugged them both, said he loved them, and left, still too scared for what society would think. He does still check up on them, to this day, ensuring their safety.

Now, we find Rook as an extremly fit 73 year old Troll, one of the brightest minds on the planet, and recent Shadowrunner, just trying to get by in this dark world, with his family safe, and his morales and body, intact.


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